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Why you must be covered ? Opt for the best diving insurance

Diving comes with its set of risks, the boat is compliant to deal with emergencies on board but if you have to go to a decompression chamber (in Phuket) by speed boat or helicopter, stay in an international hospital for a few days, it can quickly cost you a lot. That’s why we ask you to provide us with your diving specific insurance certificate. If you do not have one, you can apply for insurance covering your diving practices with our selected partners.

Generally, intenational credit cards such VISA, Mastercard, include a travelling insurance. Don’t forget to subscribe online for your travel period and specify Thailand and Burma, depending of your tour.

We have selected for you the best insurer covering the practice of scuba diving and you can subscribe directly by clicking on the following link :

Opt for the internationally recognized specialist DAN and subscribe online for your annual coverage.