Burma Scuba Diving Liveaboard

Why dive Burma with Scuba Libre Adventures ?

The Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar or Myeik to the burmese has over 800 islands. Very few are inhabited by the sea-gypsies called the Mokens. The area has been closed off to foreigners for a period of over 50 years. It is now opened to a limited number of boats liveaboard. Nature is breathtaking and so far we have probably only scratched the surface of what this part of the world has to offer. With amazing rich crystal waters full of what every scubadiver can expect during his career.

Follow us to another world, embrace the unknow, explore the wild !


IScuba Libre Adventures offers you amazing diving livaboards in Burma with 3 cruises from 6 to 8 days sailing within the Mergui Archipelago. This is  today the “must” for every serious sea lover waiting for scuba diving exploration. With only 12 divers onboard, come and experience a real adventure in the archipelago and enjoy diving at famous Black Rock dive site to expect the mantas festival. One of the key attraction is the Burma Banks which is located on the outer reaches of the Mergui Archipelao in the Andaman Sea. Untouched reefs in the middle of amazing rock formations of limestone and granit, awesome underwater sealife from pelagics like mantas and whale sharks, nurse sharks, barracudas, school of giant jacks to macrolife like ghost pipefishes, frogfishes, seahorses and a wide range of nudibranchs in luxurious coral gardens and so many more are awaiting for you.



Burma Tour 2


First step to discover Myanmar or Burma at an affordable price. Discover the south of the Mergui archipelago as far as North Twin and Shark Cave with caves, fields of hard and soft corals, for macros lovers and of course a lot of pelagics. You will get addicted !

6 days / 5 nights – 17 dives

Diver’s rate

39.000 THB

Non diver’s rate = 80% from diver’s price

Approx Amount * : 987 EUR

Burma Tour 3


7 days around the Mergui archipelago with a complete tour of wide range sights and a farthest point to the famous Black Rock diving site where we will expect a Mantas festival. Anyway you will dive through caves, fields of hard and soft corals with pelagics such schools of barracudas, trevallies, snappers and why not a whale shark while enjoying a rich macro life

7 days / 6 nights – 21 dives

Diver’s rate

45.000 THB

Non diver’s rate = 80% from diver’s price

Approx Amount * : 1.139 EUR

Burma Tour 4


Our most intense itinerary that brings us to Black Rock or Burma Banks depending on the conditions with one day of exploration in quest of new spots. Meeting the big ones, Mantas, schools of giant trevallies, barracudas, stingrays but also small critters, harlequin, frogfishes, ghost pipe fishes and a wide range of nudibranchs lying on fields of multicoloured soft corals and giant seafans.

8 days / 7 nights – 25 dives

Diver’s rate

55.000 THB

Non diver’s rate = 80% from diver’s price

Approx Amount * : 1.392 EUR

* For currency convertion, please note : For information purposes only, exchanges rates may vary. Based on ECB reference rates

Unique Experience of Scuba Diving in Burma

We set up our dive shop on Tambon Khao Niwet in RANONG. In a gradual move to escalate towards newer successes, we moved to Thailand thereafter besides Myanmar (Burma). Currently, we are a popular name of excellent facilitator for scuba diving in Burma especially due to our diving liveaboard boat, the Thai Sea in Mergui archipelago in Burma as the global initiatives by us.

Other initiatives of ours are providing confined continued PADI education in the area. Furthermore, we also conduct the most popular staff-accompanied trips to dive places around the world. They are being hailed by everybody.

Who We Are

We’ve been around a while – our years of experience and revelation enable us to provide you with the spectrum of diver skill levels. All these fruitful years have also provided us with a sense of accountability for our planet’s health and the delicate marine ecosystems that become our fleeting homes. We are equally enthusiastic about building a ridge of underwater memories for scuba diving in Myanmar for you to cherish forever.

And, we endeavor to do so by deeply respecting the environment and the societies within which we operate, because Scuba Libre Adventures would not exist without them. We aim to offer you an avenue that brings an experience for you that becomes so momentous that you seek to be shared for the generations to come.

Find Out What Pushes the Underwater into the Unknown

To experience and share the fascination of the Black Rock or Burma Banks diving in Burma is a privilege. And, the one that we do not take for granted is what always remains appealing to all. For as long as we have been diving liveaboard in Burma, we have been educating the masses.

Scuba Libre Adventures together involve the divers and the instant communities in the islands with marine biodiversity and conservation. Also, we conduct various types of marine ecology encounters with major organisations across Burma, provide more responsible and sustainable diving experiences during our liveaboard trips in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar. Thus, we aim to educate as much as make your adventure fun thing.

Scuba Libre Adventures Has Always been a Curator of the Sea

We started with the vision of showcasing Burma’s underwater inheritance – and while that will always be true, we have accountability that exceeds that. We are there when guests experience the ocean’s charm for the first time. It is satisfying to change the lives – and we take that accountability seriously.

The flip side of this honour is our accountability to the sea – the marine ecosystems that we know struggle to survive from a diving liveaboard in Burma and to recover from the offensive of pollution, climate change, and reckless fishing.

We struggle to educate our guests about how marine ecosystems function and the progress divers who feel responsible for the ocean and bear that accountability wherever their scuba diving in Myanmar journeys may take them.