dive center in Ranong Thailand

Practical guide for a successful stay


Practical information

  • Passport and visa
  • Currency needed
  • Weather and best period

Diving equipment

  • Mandatory equipment
  • Recommandation
  • Our renting service

Plan your trip to Ranong​

From BangkokDon Mueang Airport (DMK) to Ranong Airport (UNN) through Nok Air (2 flights / day) or AirAsia (1 flight / day), 1H30 timeflight

From BangkokHua Lamphong Railway Station to Chumphon or Surat Thani. A good plan is to travel by night choosing train #85. If you want a more restful night, the train stop at 7:30 am in Surat Thani.
Check here for timetable and book your ticket.

From Bangkok : “VIP” first class night bus from Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) direct, non-stop, to Ranong. There are buses leaving at around 19:00 and around 20:00. Take as late a bus as possible to avoid arriving too long before dawn. The trip takes about 8 hours
From Chumphon Bus Terminal
about 3 hours
From Surat Thani
about 4 hours
From Krabi: about 6 hours, Krabi Bus Terminal (Talat Kao)
From Khao Lak Bang Niang Bus Station : about 4 hours or there are small bus stops along the main road
From Takuapa (close to Khao Sok National Park): 3 1/2 hours from Takuapa bus Station
From Phuket Bus Terminal 2
The trip takes about 6 1/2 hours

Practical information

Passport and Visa

In any case, your passport must still be valid for 6 months.

For Thailand, depending on your country of origin, and you come by plane or land, you will receive a 30  or 15 days exemption visa. All Visa general information can be found  here on the Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Kingdom of Thailand ‘s Website.

Be sure that your visa permits multiple entries in Thailand. If you join one of our trips to Burma, ensure that your passport will be stamped on exit and re-entry to Thailand and that you have paid any overstay before boarding as it will delay the immigration process by a few hours if you haven’t done so.

For Burma, we will need a copy (scan) of your passport 3 weeks before your trip as we need to declare our list of passengers 15 days before we leave to the Burmese Immigration Authority. Then bring with at the office
  • your passport
  • 2 passport photos
  • entry fees in new US Dollar bills (neither folded nor creased) corresponding to your cruise. Please be aware that it’s not possible to get US Dollars in Ranong’s ATM or Banks agencies.

Currency needed

For Thailand cruise, the park fees must be paid in Thai Baths.

For Burma cruises, the visa, border and diving entry fees must be paid in new US Dollars bank notes

Make sure you have enough cash with you for extras like beer, wine… and for the tips. If you were happy with the services of the crew, it is common to give 500 baths of tip per day per diver, all of which will be distributed equally among all crew members.

Weather & Best period

The climate of Thaïland and Myanmar are tropical with 3 distinct seasons : a dry and relatively cool season from November to February and a hot season from March to mid-May. The rainy season runs from mid-May to October and the sea can be rough.

The air temperature is between 23 and 35 °C while the sea is warm all over the year (28-30 °C)

Our operating season is running from end of October to beginning of May. This corresponds also to the touristic season in Thaïland so consider it when planning the rest of your trip.

Safety rules and general recommandations

Safety diving rules

  • Groups limited to 4 divers per guide
  • Dives limited to 40 meters deep, NO decompression
  • All certifications are accepted for diving (PADI, CMAS …)
  • The maximum depths allowed for recreational divers are therefore 18, 30 and 40 meters depending on the level of certification
  • End of dive pressure gauge = 50 BAR (arrival at the surface)
  • Diving time including safety stop: usually 60 minutes
  • Guided diving with a buddy pair system
  • 1 SMB and 1 diving computer are required per diver
  • End of last dive 24 hours at least before taking the plane
  • Remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration
  • Participation in the pre-dive briefings given by the guide
For Burma trips, as we go far from the coast, evacuation can take up to 1 day, and we will do many successive dives, so please dive safely with NO-Decompression Time

      Vaccines and Pharmacy​

      No vaccine is required for Thailand and Burma but we advise you to consult your doctor before coming and obtain a medical certificate of proficiency in scuba diving. In any case, we will ask you to sign a Reliability form to state that you are fit for diving.
      The boat has a complete first aid kit for emergencies but bring your own and personal medicines and personnal insurance covering traveling in Myanmar and Thailand . Most of the international credit cards includes one (VISA, Mastercard). Subscribe online. Don’t forget an insurance covering the diving activity. Visit our selected insurance partenr ‘s page to subscribe online. The diving insurance is mandatory.

      Non divers

      We welcome non divers and snorkelers onboard. The landscape is magic and you will enjoy the uninhabited islands with white sand beaches surrounded by pristine clear water. But keep in mind that we will follow the schedule of the divers with 4 dives a day but you will get plenty of time for snorkeling or Stand up paddle.

      Diving equipment

      Mandatory equipment

      For safety purposes, each diver must have its own diving computer and a SMB (Surface Marker Buoy). You can rent a dive computer and we supply free of charge a SMB to use for the trip for your safety. Please inform us in advance during the booking process.


      The sea temperature is around 28-30 °C however we recommend wearing a wetsuit or a shorty of 3-5 mm.

      Current can be strong in Burma so it’s better to get your Advanced and Deep Speciality before coming to maximise your pleasure but the sites are open to all.

      Our renting service

      Depending on your needs, you can rent :

      • Diving equipment comprising mask, snorkel, fins, BCD, regulator and wetsuit (long or shorty) for 500 THB per day
      • Diving computer (Suunto Zoop Novo) for 300 THB per day
      • 15 L Tank for 250 THB per day

      What to do around ?

      We welcome you to discover the treasures of this province

      Visit Ranong

      Located at the West Coast of the Andaman Sea in Thailand and bordering Myanmar (Burma), Ranong remains an off the beaten track in Thailand, far from the touristic frenzy. This place is surrounded by moutains, rivers, waterfalls and mangrove forrest and is famous for its hotsprings. Don’t miss this preserved place of Thailand. Rent a scooter to discover the surroundings or book a trekking trip. We can arrange your stay in Ranong, just ask us.

      Extend your stay in Koh Phayam

      Just a few miles offshore, lay the small islands Koh Chang (not the same Koh Chang located in the TRAT Province not far from Bangkok) and Koh Phayam. At Koh Phayam you will enjoy an untouch island with enough comfort for a splash in the ocean, a sunset walk down the beach or a starry night in a comfortable launge bed along the sea side. Koh Phayam offers a lot of bungalow opportunities with direct access to the beach.

      There are ferries and speed boat to go there everyday. Don’t miss this hidden gem in the Andaman Sea.

      We can arrange your stay there. Just ask us and send an email.

      Visit Khao Sok National Park

      Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand is an amazing place. It is covered by the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world, huge limestone mountains shooting straight up in the air, deep valleys, breathtaking lakes, exciting caves, wild animals and much more. Visit  www.khaosok.com for more informations.

      We can arrange transportation to get there as well as your stay in the park. Just ask us and send an email.